Who can join?

So I bet you are wondering who can join this webring. Well here are the guidelines:

1. You must be an active musician. This means that you should either play or sing with a group on a regular basis, or you should teach music to others on a regular basis. Basically, performing music should be a regular part of your life. You might even post about it on your blog (see number 3).

2. You must knit or crochet. I think this is pretty self-explanitory. Either you do or you don’t.

3. You must have a blog. If you don’t have one already, you can get one for free at a number of sites including blogger.com or wordpress.com. It is important for you to have a blog so other members can see what you are doing in your knitting, crocheting and music making!

That’s pretty much it! Send an e-mail or leave a comment if you have questions.


3 Responses to “Who can join?”

  1. Musicians Who Knit and Crochet Webring Blog » Blog Archive » Sign me up! Says:

    […] Musicians Who Knit and Crochet Webring Blog Because we do more than make beautiful music! « Who can join? […]

  2. Sonya Says:

    Hey There!

    We are on the hunt for musicians who KNIT! to be featured on a little segment at the Knitting Factory for the show “Knitty Gritty.” The Knitting Factory is willing to work with us – if you have a band that might be interested in playing the Knitty Factory, they might be able to book you.

    Give me a ring. This will be really fun and provide a HUGE amount of exposure to musicians who are up and coming or already established.

    We featured Lisa Loeb and Kelley Deal last season.

    Thanks Guys!
    Sonya Edelman
    “Knitty Gritty”
    818.781.5600 ex. 105

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    ka-ka-sh-ka 799735 The carolina county north

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