Long time, no update

October 30, 2006

I’ve been very remiss in updating this ring lately, I’m sorry to say. Apparently I’ve had a couple of other things going on or something. 😉 So without furthur ado, please welcome our latest members!

Sock it to me!

Day to Day

DIY Style

The Knitting Muso

Stop by and say hello to them when you can. Thanks for joining the ring! Hopefully I’ll be much better about keeping it up to date in the future.

Several new members!

July 30, 2006

I’d like to welcome several new members to the Musicians Who Knit and Crochet Webring!!

Tammany from Opera yarns

Sharon at Unraveledagain


and finally Erin at Swear off profanity?

Welcome to the ring everyone! 🙂 We are up to nine members and can always use more, so spread the word if you can! 🙂

Our latest member…

June 26, 2006

is A Bluestocking Knits! Welcome to the ring! Make sure you tell all your friends. 😉

Two new members!

May 13, 2006

I’d like to welcome The Further Adventures of a Secret Yarninator (great blog title!) and Miss Ewe Knits to the ring! Thanks for joining! 🙂

Please welcome

May 2, 2006

I’m happy to welcome Jodie as the first member of the webring! Thanks for joining!

Sign me up!

April 24, 2006

If you meet the requirements then please join us! You can go here to do so. Thanks for your interest in the webring!

Who can join?

April 23, 2006

So I bet you are wondering who can join this webring. Well here are the guidelines:

1. You must be an active musician. This means that you should either play or sing with a group on a regular basis, or you should teach music to others on a regular basis. Basically, performing music should be a regular part of your life. You might even post about it on your blog (see number 3).

2. You must knit or crochet. I think this is pretty self-explanitory. Either you do or you don’t.

3. You must have a blog. If you don’t have one already, you can get one for free at a number of sites including blogger.com or wordpress.com. It is important for you to have a blog so other members can see what you are doing in your knitting, crocheting and music making!

That’s pretty much it! Send an e-mail or leave a comment if you have questions.

Welcome to the Musicians Who Knit and Crochet Webring Blog

April 23, 2006

Hello and welcome to the site! I plan on using this blog as a place to keep our webring happenings up to date. I am just getting started, so please bear with me as the site grows. Thanks for your interest in the Musicans Who Knit and Crochet Webring!